Our Story

Liland was founded in 2004 by two classmates Michael Steindl and Edmund Urbani and was initially a cloud software development company. In 2012 the Liland eGovernment Suite was developed - it now has become the standard tool for the eGovernment sector.



Michael Steindl

Michael Steindl has been managing director of Liland IT GmbH since 2004. He studied informatics and later business management in Klagenfurt, Austria, and Boston, USA, and has many years of experience in workflow management and consulting of authorities, in the film and television industry, for insurance companies. His know-how as a software developer and entrepreneur enables him to build bridges between the digital and real-world to inspire young and older users.

Edmund Urbani

Edmund Urbani studied informatics at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria. He co-founded Liland in 2004. Liland’s customers benefit enormously from his many years of experience in automation, evaluation, and integration of software systems and web services. Almost all programming languages from Java to SQL / C ++ are familiar to him. 

 Anette Weckerlein


Anette Weckerlein is the Chief Operating Officer of Liland IT since 2016. She is responsible for Liland’s day-to-day operations, working with employees, partners, and customers to deliver on its mission of leveraging the cloud to make people more productive and IT more secure. Anette‘s expertise spans many fields ranging from corporate development, HR management, strategy, consulting, and international sales. Having spent eight years teaching and working across Europe, Anette came to Liland in 2013.


The team behind Liland is a dedicated and result-oriented team that enjoys working with our growing customer base. Our team is open to new ideas and technologies and is always looking to learn and adapt to the rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. 



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It can be challenging to find the perfect workplace. Not only does the job need to suit you, but the company culture is also essential - so it makes sense to choose a work environment where you feel supported and part of a community. Below you can find a list of benefits of working at Liland IT.


Social Responsibility

We are a great place to work!

We believe in community

We also sponsor the association OTELO.

What OTELO does: 

  • offers workspace areas

  • provides high-speed internet access

  • provides accommodation to facilitate meetings

  • helps to find partners and plattforms

  • organizes events

  • is a breeding ground for entrepreneurial thinking

Michael Steindl Portrait

Michael Steindl


OTELO is an inspiring association that invites people to share and realize their ideas and ideals. We offer a space independently of age, origin, or standing to exchange knowledge and experiences with one another.
Our network creates new possibilities for everyone's future by cooperating with local, established systems to evolve socioeconomic environments.