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We are your BiPRO-specialists!

BiPRO has set itself the goal to optimize and standardize cross-company business processes in the financial service sector. For this purpose, different projects have specific technical standards. Michael Steindl is a member of the founding team of BiPRO and has several years of expert knowledge. Our specialized background enables us to offer highly skilled consultants in this sphere.






We offer highly skilled BiPRO analysts or a complete team of specialists (BiPRO Factory). We also provide our in-house BiPRO testing tool (BiTe).

Our Service



BiTe (BiPRO Tester) allows web services testing concerning ratings and applications in the insurance business, based on Excel test lists. This testing avoids the manual filling of XML requests with test data and positively affects the test quality. It also enables a high-test case coverage and allows users without XML know-how to create test cases with relatively small training effort.


BiPRO Factory

Liland Bipro-Factory


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